Funds & Trusts (Structure & Risks for Banks, AML, Compliance Officers)



To provide an understanding of Funds regarding applicable law, set up, management and AML requirements, as well as procedures and documentation/paperwork.


To provide the participants with an understanding of funds such as:
(a) the purpose and scope of applicable law;
(b) the regulatory and licensing requirements;
(c) the various legal forms of funds and the ability to distinguish them;
(d) the differences between AIFs and UCITS and different forms of funds;
(e) the requirements, procedure and paperwork relevant to the setting up of a fund and its management;
(f) the AML/Compliance fund related requirements (AML manual, AML/Compliance Officer role and duty, reporting obligations).

Participants’ Profile:

(1) Lawyers, accountants and corporate service providers;

(2) AML/Compliance Officers;

(3) custodians and bankers;

(4) tax officers;

(5) members of CIFA;

(6) CySEC Financial Services Regulatory Framework certified persons.

For Additional Details:….pdf



Nov 12 2019


9:00 am - 5:15 pm


€210. CIFS Members €180


Globaltraining / UNIC

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